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Fire to Light is a force for transformation within the fire service community, driven by an unwavering commitment to preventing firefighter PTSD and firefighter Suicide. Founded and led by Brandon Evans, a seasoned firefighter and pioneering researcher, Fire to Light is at the forefront of creating a brighter future for those who selflessly protect our communities.

Our mission: “To prevent rates of firefighter PTSD and firefighter suicide”

Fire to Light is a research and development organization whose main focus is providing research backed education, training and programs of Mental Fitness specifically for firefighters. We believe that through Mental Fitness (aka, preventative mental health initiatives) we can work to better equip firefighters with the education and tools they need to manage the most difficult aspects of their careers, the weight that trauma has on ones mind.


At Fire to Light, our central mission revolves around providing mental fitness tools for firefighters of all ranks, enhancing their mental well-being through preventative mental health initiatives. We understand the unique challenges firefighters face in their demanding profession and are dedicated to empowering them with the knowledge and resources needed to address these challenges proactively. Created by a firefighter, for fighters, our core focus lies in cultivating mental resilience by proactively addressing mental health, ensuring that firefighters not only excel in their roles but also lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Fire to Light was born from Brandon's personal journey through trauma and crisis. As a firefighter facing the weight of his profession and the struggles of life, Brandon found himself in a moment of darkness, grappling with suppressed trauma and financial collapse during the COVID-19 pandemic from an entrepreneurial endeavor. A pivotal incident during a house fire shook him to the core, leading to a profound realization of the urgent need for mental health support tailored for firefighters.

Drawing from his own experiences and the lessons learned from overcoming significant challenges, Brandon founded Fire to Light with a mission to prevent firefighter PTSD and suicide. With a deep understanding of the unique demands faced by firefighters, Brandon is committed to empowering his brothers and sisters in the fire service to prioritize their mental well-being. Through education, training, and programs rooted in research and personal experience, Fire to Light aims to ensure that every firefighter has the resources and support needed to thrive mentally and emotionally, both on and off the job.



Research and Development of Preventative Mental Health Measures.

Fire to Lights Mental Fitness programs and education are rooted in research. In 2024, Fire to Light will release its International Research study on the current state of mental health in the fire service titled: Heroes are also Human, An International Examination of Mental Health in the Fire Service and its Impact on the Emotional Well-being of Firefighters.

This Critical issue of Firefighter Mental Health garnered insight from 104 Fire Chiefs, from 13 countries across 5 continents who between them represent more than 1,350,000 firefighters


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Heroes are also Human, An International Examination of Mental Health in the Fire Service and its Impact on the Emotional Well-being of Firefighters.

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In this comprehensive study, we delved into the intricate landscape of firefighter mental health, aiming to illuminate crucial insights into the challenges faced by those who selflessly serve our communities. Through rigorous research methodologies including surveys, interviews, literary reviews, and data analysis, we unearthed significant findings that underscore the pressing need for transformative change in how mental health is addressed within the global fire service.

Highlights from our research

  • Eight major themes: Trust, Gaps in Mental Health, Death, Humanity, Identity, Acceptance, Measuring Mental Health, and Inconsistency
  • Lack of consistency in mental health training, over 86% of Fire departments train in Mental Health programs 1-2 times in a 25 year career
  • Mental Health training is not a priority - Fire departments spend approximately 438% more on overtime than on entire mental health and wellness spending
  • Trust and Humanity crucial for supporting firefighters' mental well-being
  • Cultural change identified as critical for fostering acceptance of mental health and cultivating resilience
  • Challenges include a lack of mental health training for fire chiefs and policies neglecting the human aspect of firefighting

“We have failed when it comes to the mental health of first responders
because we have treated first responders as first responders, not as people”.

- Brian McAsey, Deputy Fire Chief, Calgary Fire


The Fire to Light Program

Welcome to the Fire to Light Program, where we're dedicated to prevention by empowering firefighters and chiefs with the mental fitness tools they need to thrive. Our approach is all about meeting individuals where they're at, allowing them to progress at their own pace with accessible tools and education that can be utilized anywhere. We understand the weight of the firefighting profession and are here to equip you with the strategies necessary to navigate its challenges.
Our content is rooted in extensive research and lived experience, focusing on building healthy habits of mental health and performance. With Brandon's years of professional firefighting experience, our training and tools are uniquely tailored to resonate with firefighters, because they are designed by firefighters. These tools are scientifically grounded and presented as options, just like the tools on a fire truck, ensuring that you have a wide selection to assist in any circumstance.


Our program is built on five pillars:

Pillar 1


Understand how external events impact your thoughts and actions, helping to manage the stresses and traumas experienced in firefighting.

Pillar 2

The Mind

Learn how your mind works and how to leverage it for your benefit, aiding in processing trauma both on and off the job.

Pillar 3

The Body

Navigate your body to regulate stress, become a catalyst for change, and release trauma, recognizing it as a vital tool for firefighting.

Pillar 4


Understand how external events impact your thoughts and actions, helping to manage the stresses and traumas experienced in firefighting.

Pillar 5


Explore how energy connects the mind and body, utilizing it to heal and move toward a healthier life, fostering awareness of consciousness and the power to enact positive change.

We offer a variety of training options to best suit your department's needs. We would love to learn more about the Wellness of your Fire Department and see if the Fire to Light Mental Fitness program will work within your departments constraints.

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